trippie hippie

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Hallucinogenic & Harmonious

Then as it was,
Then again it will be.
An' though the course may change sometimes…
Rivers always reach the sea.


    • Agate: aids self-diagnosis and visualization.
    • Amethyst: helps you to center and expand the meditation experience, hold one in each hand.
    • Ametrine: speeds the meditation process, so you get to your own deepest state in less time.
    • Apophyllite: promotes reflection.
    • Blue Quartz: helps you reach a state of bliss, enlightenment, or peak experience.
    • Carnelian: provides inner strength in long meditations and is especially suitable for retreats.
    • Celestite: helps you to identify and promote your dreams, ambitions and goals in life.
    • Charoite: brings clarity to the mind and stillness to the body.
    • Fire Opal: aids vision.
    • Fluorite: clears and stills the mind, bringing focus.
    • Garnet: connects to the heart and base chakras, grounding emotion and the meditative experience.
    • Golden Calcite: aids healing visualizations.
    • Hessonite: helps you go to the "next level" from wherever you are.
    • Imperial Topaz: advances enlightenment, the universal connection to everything, giving a feeling of oneness or bliss, and enhances visualization and distant healing.
    • Kunzite: is centering, helps you reach a deep state of meditation, and promotes intuition.
    • Kyanite: helps you get started with the process of meditation.
    • Malachite: is good for looking deep within yourself, aiding the release of emotions, and bringing stillness.
    • Morganite: helps to fill the space in your heart created by loss of grief and helps expand your meditation to send out love from your heart to the world.
    • Peridot: promotes the search for enlightenment.
    • Petalite: helps you stay grounded during and after meditation and bring the experience into your everyday life.
    • Petrified Wood: connects to past lives.
    • Pietersite: encourages visions and supports visualization during guided meditation.
    • Prehnite: helps you to get started with the process of meditation.
    • Quartz Crystal: supports all meditations and each stage of the process.
    • Red Jasper: keeps you grounded while promoting the meditative state.
    • Ruby: creates a connection between the base, heart, and crown chakras, promoting peak experiences, bliss, or the feeling of connection to everything around you.
    • Smokey Quartz: clears the ind and gives auric protection during deep meditations.
    • Spirit Quartz: aids insight into family and community problems.
    • Tanzanite: facilitates visualization and understanding gained during meditations.
    • Tiger's Eye: supports distant healing.
    • Titanium Quartz: helps you see many possibilities.
    • Verdelite: a green variety of tourmaline, aids visualization.
    • Turquoise: grounds peak experienes.
    • Vanadinite: creates a state of "no mind" (when thoughts are absent); aids visualization, and helps circular breathing (inhaling while exhaling).
    • White Calcite: makes it easier to find answers.
    • Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt